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SANTLET ID Badge Holder with Safety Breakaway Buckle

SANTLET ID Badge Holder with Safety Breakaway Buckle

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Introducing the Easy-use Series ID Badge Holder, a design that surpasses industry standards. Packed with versatile features, this series combines protection, a silent retractable drawstring, dual card carrying, a safety detachable buckle, and a privacy protection fixing slot - all in one.

Silent Retractable Lanyard: Crafted with durable retractable metal springs, a thick braided rope, anti-wear metal rings, and encapsulated with silent technology, our ID Badge Holders are not only high-end but also fashionable and practical, adding a unique charm to your outfit.

Exclusive Back Slot Design: The O-shaped open-air window requires just a gentle push, allowing your card to effortlessly slide out. Compatible with ID cards, credit cards, hotel cards, driver's licenses, school cards, conference cards, etc. Additional card slot storage ensures convenience while adding style and sophistication.

Safety Breakaway Buckle: Our innovative breakaway buckle is made with wear-resistant material, enabling continuous reconnection. If the lanyard is accidentally pulled or jammed, the round buckle at the end automatically releases, prioritizing safety.

Built-in Privacy Feature: Easily pull down and flip your card around to utilize the built-in privacy feature. The card holder sits within a cavity in the retractor casing, preventing it from flipping back around. Special features are in place to protect your privacy.

We take pride in providing a 24-hour professional service center and offer 18 months of product support. Experience the convenience, style, and security of the Easy-use Series ID Badge Holder.

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